Procurement Card Program

Note: Applications for procurement cards will not be processed between June 11 and July 2 as the team focuses on go-live preparations and FY21 closing. Please plan ahead and allow 1-2 weeks for processing. Applications not processed by June 11 will be processed after July 2.

Updates to procurement card webpages for Workday related changes in policies, procedures and terminology will be available on 7/1. There are no significant changes to the policy or spend restrictions. 

The Procurement Card Program provides employees with a convenient method of paying for business related expenses using a university liability credit card issued in the name of the employee. Participation in the program is optional and requires approval from management.

Program Overview

The Procurement Card Program Guide outlines policies in general terms. More restrictive policies may be set at the department or school level. However, it is the responsibility of the department or school to document, communicate, and enforce any restrictions they impose.

There are three roles associated with the procurement card (p-card) program: Cardholder, Reviewer, and Approver. Individuals may perform more than one role; however adequate separation of duties must be maintained. Each role requires the individual to be knowledgeable of all university policies associated with incurring and paying for university expenses.

The university receives a nightly transaction feed from the credit card processor. These transactions are loaded to FIS as a partially completed remote purchase (RP) document type for further processing by the department. Payment to the credit card processor is handled centrally. There are no statements that need to be reconciled or paid by the department.

Departments participating in the program are subject to transaction reviews and compliance audits by program administrators, resource management and the internal audit department. Failure to comply with applicable university policies may result in the suspension or cancellation of the department’s participation in the program.

Additional Information

Accounting cycles, auto-approvals, audits, and record retention

Cardholder Account Changes

Limit changes, disputes, cancellation and activation requirements

Getting Started

Applications, supplemental forms, and FIS security forms

Procurement Card Policies

Procurement card policies, unallowable purchases and practices

Roles & Responsibilities

Reviewer, approver, and cardholder roles


Contact Cindy Kinney (314) 935-8640 or Sherri Marshall (314) 935-2328

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