Financial Services Topics

Financial Service’s related policies, procedures and guidance are grouped by topic. You can explore each topic or use the search feature to find what you are looking for.

Banking and E-Commerce

Depositing funds, accepting credit cards, and recording receipt vouchers

Travel and Business Expenses

Policies, travel advances, and expense reports

Paying for Goods and Services

Accounts payable, procurement cards, interdepartmental invoices and more

Insurance and Risk Management

Property & liability insurance, workers’ compensation, insurance requirements and more

Other Accounting Topics

Other policies, guides and resources

Payroll and Time Reporting

Information for faculty, staff and students

Property and Equipment

Accounting and tracking of assets including fixed and moveable equipment and buildings

Sponsored Projects Accounting

Post award accounting

Subclass Object Codes

Income and expense SCOB codes

Tax Topics

Reporting rules, procedural guidelines, contacts, and more

FY21 Year End Closing

Key dates and other important year end information