The conversion from FIS to Workday has necessitated changes to many finance related policies, procedures, and business terms. On 7/1, several updates were made to existing Financial Services webpages. In addition to updating policies and business terms, some pages have been reorganized to better align with Workday.

The most significant change is a new Business Expense Policy effective 7/1/2021. This policy is more comprehensive, covering both travel and non-travel expenses. Most of the changes are simple updates to terms and procedures, while others are needed to take advantage of Workday functionality. For example, paper travel statements are eliminated, as is the need to manually route them for supervisor and exception approvals. Note: It may be necessary for us to update the policy or provide additional guidance once we convert to Workday. See Business Expense Policy below for details.


Banking and E-Commerce

Depositing funds, accepting credit cards, and recording receipt vouchers

Business Expense Policy

Includes travel and non-travel business expenses

Paying for Goods and Services

Accounts payable, procurement cards, interdepartmental invoices and more

Insurance and Risk Management

Property & liability insurance, workers’ compensation, insurance requirements and more

Other Accounting Topics

Other policies, guides and resources

Payroll and Time Reporting

Information for faculty, staff and students

Property and Equipment

Accounting and tracking of assets including fixed and moveable equipment and buildings

Sponsored Projects Accounting

Post award accounting

Tax Topics

Reporting rules, procedural guidelines, contacts, and more

Workday – Additional Help & Best Practices

Best practices, guidance and other helpful information