In general, goods and services should be purchased/ordered using the university’s standard purchasing method and payments should be made directly to the vendor. Payments for services with personal funds are strongly discouraged. Note that the reimbursement of payments for services made with personal funds also results in a reporting requirement by the university for which additional information must be obtained.

Expenditures that are not otherwise covered in this policy may be considered a reimbursable expense provided that a valid business purpose exists for the expenditure. Items of an unusual nature should be discussed with the Accounts Payable department and, if charged to a grant, with Sponsored Projects Accounting before incurring the expense. Note also that special rules may apply to direct payments to non-resident aliens. Please refer to the Financial Services website under the Foreign Payees section.

Business Travel Expenses

Common business travel expenses

Charitable Contribution Payments

Policy on contributions from WashU

Entertainment Expenses (Non-Travel)

Includes business meals when not traveling, food and beverage served at meetings and events

Gift Cards

Accounting treatment and tax reporting requirements

Mileage Reimbursements

General information about reimbursements and IRS mileage rates

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Examples of expenses that are personal in nature and generally not paid by the university

Software Purchases from Non-US Companies

Documenting software purchases from vendors outside of the United States