Expenses that are personal in nature should generally not be paid by the university. Examples of expenses considered personal in nature include:

  • Personal entertainment expenses including airline club fees, in-flight movies, headsets, books, magazines, newspapers, health club fees, hotel pay-per-view movies, in-theater movies, greens fees, ski passes, social activities, honor / mini bar charges,
  • Babysitting, house-sitting, pet-sitting and kennel
  • Personal grooming including haircuts and shoeshine
  • Incremental travel costs including airfare, lodging and meals for spouses, domestic partner, or other persons accompanying an employee. See Spouse/Domestic Partner Costs for limited exceptions.
  • The university does not reimburse the cash equivalent value associated with the redemption/use of personal points or other rewards programs such as frequent flyer miles, Amazon points, Uber points, etc.
  • Amazon Prime memberships for university purchases; the university has a corporate business account that can be used if no other procurement option exists.
  • Hotel, meals, and other costs associated with going to a conference or on business travel early or staying late for non-business related
  • Late fees related to personal liability credit
  • Traffic fines, court costs, parking violations, and auto
  • Over the counter medicine or prescription
  • Rental car extra charges such as child safety seats, GPS devices for domestic travel, and satellite
  • Business travel accident insurance. See Business Travel Accident Insurance for additional information and exceptions.

Under very limited circumstances, certain expenses listed above may have been incurred for legitimate business purposes. If upon audit such expenses have been reimbursed without a legitimate business purpose, the amount of the reimbursement will be reported to Payroll as additional pay.