Washington University maintains auto liability insurance to cover damages and legal defense costs for bodily injury or property damages resulting from auto accidents involving vehicles owned or rented by the university.


Only authorized drivers affiliated with the university in the capacity of student, faculty or staff shall be permitted to drive a vehicle rented or owned by the university. Use of a vehicle is restricted to authorized university-related activities.

Accident Reporting

If you are involved in an accident while driving a university owned vehicle or while driving a vehicle rented for business purposes, please notify the Insurance & Risk Management Office.

Use of Personal Vehicles

If an employee chooses to use a personal vehicle for university business, the personal automobile policy covering the vehicle is primary. Employees must maintain liability insurance on their automobile which meets the minimum statutory requirement for their state of residency. The university’s automobile liability policy may cover third party liability damages in excess of the coverage available under the employee’s personal auto policy.

If an employee’s vehicle is damaged while traveling on university business, the university will reimburse the employee for damages up to the collision deductible, maximum $1,000. If the employee does not carry collision coverage on the vehicle, the university will reimburse for damages up to $1,000.

Rental Vehicles

Information about when additional coverage is required.

University Owned Vehicles

Licensing and age requirements

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