Employee Self Service has many helpful features that allow employees to review and update information.

Employee Self Service is accessed through various worklet applications in Workday. To access Employee Self Service, Sign on to Workday Click Here.

Time and Absence Reporting

Biweekly employees can go to the Time worklet to check in and check out on the web clock. To request time off, biweekly and monthly employees will use the Absence worklet, where you can also view your leave balances. Employee leave balances will be updated when absences have been approved and payroll processing has completed for that period.

Payslips, Payment Elections (Direct Deposit), Tax Documents, and Withholding Elections

Information below can be updated and/or viewed by going to the Pay worklet.

  • Payslips – Review current and prior payslips from 7/1/21 and forward. Prior information will be accessible through our legacy system until 6/30/22.
  • Payment Elections – Add new accounts, or change existing accounts. You can deposit to multiple accounts at multiple financial institutions
  • My Tax Documents – Review and print W-2/W-2c forms from 2021 and forward, as well as grant/withdraw consent to receive electronic W-2 and W-2c forms. You will also review and print Stipend Letters from this worklet for 2021 and forward. Prior W-2/W-2c and Stipend Letters will be accessible through our legacy system until 6/30/22.
  • Withholding Elections – Review and update federal and state tax withholdings.

Personal Information

The Personal Information worklet will give you access to various functionality including:

  • View and change your home address
  • View and change your email address
  • View and change phone numbers

Understanding Your Payslip

A summary of paycheck information

Helpful Links

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