Employee Self Service

Employee Self Services has many helpful features that allow employees to review and update information. This section covers functionality available under Time Reporting and under Payroll & Compensation.

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Time Reporting

Employee Self Service is utilized by non-exempt (bi-weekly) employees to report time worked and not worked and by exempt (monthly) employees to report time not worked. Under Time Reporting employees can report time, view leave balances and more. Employee leave balances will be updated after your bi-weekly timesheet or monthly leave records has been approved and payroll processing is complete.

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Payroll and Compensation

Under Payroll and Compensation employees have access to various functionality and tools including:

  • View Paycheck – Review current and prior paychecks. See link at the bottom of this page for detailed explanations.
  • Direct Deposit – Review, add and update direct deposit information. See link at the bottom of this page for additional information.
  • View W-2/W-2c Forms – Review and print W-2/W-2c forms including prior year history, as well as grant/withdraw consent to receive electronic W-2 and W-2c forms. If you don’t have access to Employee Self Service or have not consented to electronic delivery and need a duplicate copy of your W-2 contact payroll services at (314)-935-9835.
  • Stipend Letters – Review and print current and prior year stipend tax letters.
  • Update W-4 Tax Information –  Review and update federal tax withholdings. See Tax Withholdings for additional information.
  • Change address, phone, emergency contacts, and more

Direct Deposit

Free for employees and nonemployees

Understanding Your Paycheck

A summary of paycheck information