Understanding Your Paycheck

Your paycheck is broken up into sections. The numbers below correspond to the numbers on the picture shown below.

  1. Paycheck Information: Pay Group (monthly or biweekly), pay period begin and end date, and the check date.
  2. Personal Information: Name, address, employee ID number, department number and name, and department location.
  3. Tax Data: Marital status for tax purposes, allowances (exemptions), and additional amount being withheld based on the federal W-4 updated in Employee Self Service, and the state W-4 that you submitted.
  4. Hours and Earnings: Hours and earnings for the current pay period and year to date. Included are regular pay, overtime pay, and additional compensation (e.g. bonuses, on call pay, shift differential).
  5. Taxes: Taxes withheld for the current period and year to date. Fed Med and Fed OASDI is your FICA tax.
  6. Before-Tax Deductions: Amounts taken out of pay before taxes are calculated. Note: 403(b) contributions are not deducted from pay before FICA tax is calculated.
  7. After-Tax Deductions: Amounts taken out of pay after taxes, such as United Way, Meal Plan, Dependent Life.
  8. Employer Paid Benefits: Contributions that the university makes on your behalf for certain benefits, such as 403(b), RMSA, HSA. This section is for information purposes only and does not affect your pay.
    • LITE: Group life insurance over $50,000 which may be taxed on the excess.
    • Other: If you have domestic partner or non-qualified dependent health and/or dental coverage, the amount covered by the university is taxable
  9. Totals: Current and year to date information on earnings, taxes, and deductions.
  10. Net Pay Distribution: Net pay type (direct deposit or check), paycheck number, bank account type (checking or savings), and amount direct deposited into each account.