The university has partnered with JPMorgan Chase to offer employees a personal liability business travel and entertainment expense (T&E) credit card. The T&E card is a good option for employees that frequently incur business travel and entertainment expenses and don’t want to tie up their personal credit card or cash.  This is also an option for departments that do not have a procurement card program.

Program Overview

Monthly credit card statements will be mailed directly to the cardholder’s home address. Like other personal credit cards, T&E cardholders are responsible for paying the bill directly to the issuing bank. Cardholders will be reimbursed for allowable business related travel and entertainment expenses upon successful completion of a travel expense report. Refer to Business Expense Policy for additional information.

The standard credit limits are $1,500 for a single transaction and $5,000 per month. Higher limits may be requested on the cardholder application.

To learn more about the T&E program and application please reach out to

Cardholder Responsibilties

Usage, restrictions, transaction disputes, and card cancellations

Lost/Stolen Credit Cards

Contact information to report a lost or stolen card

Online Account Access

Viewing transactions, making payments, and accessing online billing statements


Contact Amy Wancket @ 314-935-8640 or Sherri Marshall @ 314-935-2328

Email Program Administrator