Uses & Restrictions

T&E card users must comply with all aspects of WashU’s Business Expense Policy, this includes not using the card for personal expenses and cash advances. The individual named on the card is the only authorized user of the card; however, cardholders may provide their account number to the person responsible for booking their travel.


Monthly bills are mailed to the cardholder’s statement address and the cardholder is responsible for issuing payment directly to JPMorgan Chase. Payments from the university directly to JPMorgan Chase are strictly prohibited. Cardholders are responsible for paying their statement by the statement due date. Payment of penalty fees resulting from a late payment is the responsibility of the cardholder. Cardholders will not be reimbursed for late fees.

Statements are mailed on the 1st of each month and due around the 25th of the month. To ensure that you have funds available to pay your statement, timely submission of expense reports is essential.

Delinquent Accounts

If an account becomes 60 days delinquent, the account will be suspended from further charge activity. The account will remain blocked until the delinquent balance has been paid in full. Cardholders that allow their account to become 120 days past due will have their account permanently cancelled and will not be eligible for a new card.

Transaction Disputes

Liability for all charges rests solely with the cardholder. Cardholders must attempt to resolve disputed transactions directly with the merchant. If you are unable to resolve the situation, you must immediately contact JPMorgan Chase to dispute the transaction. Under no circumstances should you accept cash in lieu of a credit to the T&E Card account. If you need assistance resolving a disputed transaction with a merchant, please contact the Card Program Administrator.

Card Cancellations

Your T&E Card will be automatically cancelled when you transfer to another department or leave the university. All employees leaving the university or transferring to another department must contact the Card Program Administrator with details of their termination or transfer date.