Property Insurance

Washington University’s all-risk property insurance policy covers physical damage to university property, including buildings and their contents. The university does not insure employees’ property regardless of whether the property is used for work purposes. Employees who bring personal property to the university should make certain they have adequate coverage on their property.

Promptly report all property claims to the Insurance & Risk Management Office.

  • Property Damage/Loss & Deductibles: Each department sustaining a loss under this coverage is responsible for a $5,000 per loss deductible.
  • Property in Transit: Washington University’s policy covers property in transit. However any shipment of an item overseas must be reported to our insurance carrier before the shipment is made for coverage to take effect. Contact of Insurance & Risk Management Office before any overseas shipment so that coverage can be arranged.

Liability Insurance

An accident investigation is necessary for all accidents, injuries, and other incidents involving visitors, patients or students on university property. Even if the injured party does not wish to seek medical treatment, it is best to complete a report of injury at the time of the incident. To report an incident or accident involving a visitor, patient, or student, complete the visitor incident reporting form.

See Workers’ Compensation for accidents and injuries involving a university employee.

Fine Art Insurance

Fine art insurance covers damage to artwork and irreplaceable items on university property.

Floater Insurance

Floater insurance is a special insurance program intended to complement the university’s all-risk property insurance.

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