Contracts (lease agreements, rental contracts, grant proposals, etc.) between Washington University and third parties should contain indemnification and insurance provisions. The Insurance & Risk Management Office can assist in the review of contracts to ensure the university is protected and maintains the insurance required. Please send copies of all contracts to the Insurance & Risk Management Office before the contract or agreement is signed.

Certificates of Insurance Requests

Any request from an outside company for evidence of university insurance coverage should be communicated to the Insurance & Risk Management Office as soon as possible. Examples of certificates requested may include general liability, automobile liability, workers’ compensation and property insurance.

To request a certificate of insurance, please forward a copy of the contract or agreement containing the insurance requirements to the Insurance & Risk Management Office, before the contract or agreement is signed. Once your request has been reviewed and approved, the university’s insurance broker will issue the required certificate of insurance.

Special Events

Requirements for events held in and on university owned space.

Vendor Requirements

Insurance and other requirements for vendors.

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