The Sponsored Projects Accounting Department (SPA), the Principal Investigator (PI) and the supporting financial and/or administrative personnel in the academic department are responsible for the financial closeout of a sponsored agreements (grants, contracts and cooperative agreements). In most cases, the sponsoring agency has stipulated in the award that a final financial report and/or invoice is due at the end of the grant/project period. The agency will also indicate the submission due date for these documents (i.e., XX days from the end of the grant/project period). The University is required to submit the final financial documents to the agency under the terms of the agreement, therefore, it is imperative that each group is cognizant of their responsibility in this process. Additionally, final payment can be delayed or denied if the documents are not submitted in a timely and accurate manner.

The Financial Closeout Guidelines for Sponsored Funds apply to all faculty and staff that have a fiscal role and/or responsibility to a sponsored project.

Federal Closeout Guidelines

NIH, NSF, NASA, Other Federal Agencies

Federal Financial Reporting Guidelines

Federal Financial Reporting Guidelines

Non-Federal Financial Closeout Guidelines

Private, City/State, Federal Pass-Through Agencies