Accepting Credit Card Payments

All departments that accept credit and debit card payments must comply with credit card security policies.

Options Available

Point of Sale Terminals: This is the preferred method for departments that take face to face payments or have a low volume of mail and/or telephone order payments. The current price of a point of sale terminal is $424.50. In addition, departments are responsible for on-going analog phone line charges.

Wireless Terminals: This option is available for departments that require a mobile option. Financial Services has terminals available for departments to check out. Departments that frequently hold events may wish to purchase a terminal. The current price for a wireless terminal is $881 plus a $19 per month wireless service fee. Optional accessories available include a car charger, a spare battery and a carry case.

CASHNet: This option is best for departments that want an external facing website for sales. Examples include event registrations, ticket sales, and merchandise.

Becoming a Credit Card Merchant

To get started, complete the campus merchant application. Additional information and requirements will be provided upon receipt of the completed application.

Recording Credit Card Payments

Credit and debit card payments processed on a dial-up point of sale or wireless terminal are recorded to FIS via the receipt voucher (RV) document. RV documents will not receive central area approval until the RV is matched to the bank transaction.

Transactions processed through CASHNet are automatically recorded to FIS via an automated nightly process. Transactions are recorded to general ledger accounts designated by the department as a CN transaction.

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