For Payroll Administrators

This section provides brief summaries of various payroll processes. This is not a substitute for training.

Academic Year Pay

Danforth Campus Faculty

Additional Pay

For all non-regular pay payments

Direct Deposit Reversal

Must be within 5 business days of the paycheck date

Employee Over Payments

Recovery of payroll over payments

FLSA Blended Rate Calculation

Blended overtime rate calculation

Manual Checks

Requires overnight processing

Movement Between Employee/Non-Employee

Potential tax implicatons

Out of State Employment

Employment outside of Missouri

Payroll Cost Transfers (PCT)

Retroactive earnings and fringe adjustments

Paysheet Job Department

For one-time payments on existing department

Paysheet Not Job

For one-time payment paid outside of existing department


Funding of payroll payments

Stop Pay Request

For lost paper payroll checks

Substitute Account

For retirement and social security accounts

Unclaimed Payroll Checks

For checks not picked up within 30 days

Vacation Payout

When an employee leaves the university

Vacation Transfer

Used to transfer accrued vacation dollars