Supporting documentation should provide evidence of origination from the vendor that contains purchasing details including date, description or itemization of expenses, price and proof of payment. Monthly credit card statements and canceled checks alone will not be accepted as supporting documentation. Note: Paper copies of supporting documentation that is attached to the applicable financial transaction doesn’t need to be retained. As a matter of best practice, departments may wish to keep paper copies until the transactions are fully complete in Workday.

Supporting documentation is always encouraged regardless of amount. The use of estimated amounts is not allowed. Although always encouraged, receipt requirements vary based on the type of expense incurred, sponsor requirements, and if a procurement card is used:

  • Some sponsors require actual receipts for all transactions. In these cases, it is necessary to obtain and attach all receipts regardless of amount.
  • Receipts for procurement card transactions $10 or greater are required.
  • Receipts for individual expenses of $50 or more are required. Expense reports missing receipts totaling $75 or greater per day is considered excessive. With Workday’s mobile app, taking pictures of receipts is easier than before.

As a best practice on expense reports, multiple receipts should generally not be added together and submitted as one expense line. However, examples of when aggregating multiple receipts on one expense line may be acceptable, at the discretion of the approving cost center manager include:

  • Multiple meal expenses supported by receipts and incurred on the same day
  • Ground Transportation incurred throughout the trip
  • Parking & Tolls incurred throughout the trip and
  • Tips/Gratuities

Note that aggregated expense lines should never include both expenses supported by a receipt and those not supported by receipt.