Used to reimburse Worker’s business expenses paid with personal funds, substantiate (process) procurement card transactions, and substantiate or close out cash advances (spend authorizations)

Best Practices

  • Always attach receipts regardless of dollar amount. Although there are receipt thresholds which vary by procurement method (procurement card vs personal funds) and funding source (grant vs non-grant), providing receipts for all expense items is recommended.
  • Multiple receipts should generally not be added together and submitted as one expense line; this is never allowed for procurement card transactions. Examples of when aggregating multiple receipts on one expense line may be acceptable, at the discretion of the approving cost center manager include:
    • Multiple meal expense supported by receipts and incurred on the same day
    • Ground Transportation incurred throughout the trip
    • Parking & Tolls incurred throughout the trip
    • Tips/Gratuities
  • Keep paper copies of receipts until transactions are fully complete in Workday
  • For travel related expense reports:
    • Upload receipts to Workday throughout the trip but wait until the trip is complete before submitting an expense report
    • Submit multiple expense reports only when trips last longer than 2 weeks
    • Include trip start and end dates in the memo field