The university maintains business travel accident insurance, thus additional travel insurance cost will not be reimbursed. For business travel accident insurance details such as who is covered (Insured Person), what is covered and who to contact for questions can be found on the Financial Services website under Topics / Insurance and Risk Management.

The university’s business travel accident insurance policy and workers’ compensation insurance do not automatically cover Insured Persons if business travel is on an aircraft owned, leased or controlled by Washington University. Chartered flights are considered “leased” flights, and thus Insured Persons are not automatically covered by the university’s business travel accident or workers’ compensation insurance. If special coverage needs are required, contact the Insurance Department, in advance, to make arrangements for this coverage.

In addition, the university’s business travel insurance policy does not cover situations if:

  • An Insured Person is the pilot or crew member of any aircraft or
  • An Insured Person is traveling or flying on any aircraft engaged in Specialized Aviation Activities (flight which requires a special permit or waiver from the FAA, whether granted or not.)