Cardholder Account Changes

Limit Changes

Monthly limits will reset on the 21st of each month depending on weekends or holidays. Requests for changes in spending limits must be e-mailed to the program administrators and have the approval of the supervisor. The request should include  the following:

  • If the increase is temporary or permanent
  • If the increase is temporary, an expiration date must also be provided
  • If the single transaction limit, monthly limit or both should be increased

Single transaction limits over $24,500 will require the approval of the Purchasing Department and the Controller’s Office.

Transaction Disputes

Your department must attempt to resolve transaction disputes directly with the merchant. If your department is unable to resolve the situation, call the number for JP Morgan Chase located on the back of your card to file a dispute. You must also ensure that an appropriate credit for the reported disputed item(s) or billing error appears as a subsequent transaction.

Under no circumstances should you accept cash in lieu of a credit to the procurement card account. If you need assistance resolving a disputed transaction with a merchant, contact Purchasing Services for assistance at (314) 935-5649.


Your procurement card will be cancelled if you transfer to another department or if you are no longer employed by the university.

Note:  Cards may be temporarily suspended (deactivated) and subsequently reactivated at the request of the department.  Card suspension may be used for seasonal employees or for employees who are on extended leave from the university.

Activating a new card

New or replacement procurement cards require activation. The Cardholder’s issuing bank is required to ask for the last four digits of your SSN; however you should provide them with the last four-digits of your Employee ID number instead. They may also ask for your date of birth and/or single/monthly transaction limits.

Procurement Cards renew every three years

Your procurement card will expire on the last day of the expired month. You will receive a replacement card approximately 45 days prior to the expiration date. The card will be mailed from the program administrator to the Cardholder’s attention at their designated campus billing address. The new card will require activation.