Cardholders must be knowledgeable of all applicable university purchasing and business expense policies. In addition, Cardholder responsibilities specific to procurement cards include:

  • Must obtain acceptable supporting documentation at the point of sale, regardless of the amount. All returns and adjustment must be credited directly back to the procurement card. The receipt from the original purchase and the receipt from the return are required. Cardholders with an excessive number of transactions without acceptable supporting documentation will have the cards suspended and/or permanently revoked.
  • Must attach supporting documentation for purchases and credits, in a timely manner, to an Expense Report.
  • Must complete Expense Reports in a timely manner.  Effective January 1, 2024, procurement cards will be suspended for cardholders with outstanding transactions.  For travel related transactions, cards will be suspended for open transactions that are 60 days past the trip date.  For non-travel transactions, cards will be suspended for open transactions that are 60 days past the transaction date.
  • Must attempt to resolve disputes directly with the vendor. If disputes can not be resolved with the vendor, the dispute must be reported to the card issuer. Contact information can be found on the back of the card.
  • Must take steps to safeguard their credit card against theft or loss. If the card is lost or stolen, or there are suspicious transactions, the card issuer must be notified immediately. A replacement card will be mailed within seven days at no cost. Contact JPMorgan Chase at (800) 270-7760.
  • Must not share their procurement card with others.  The only exception is that it may be shared with the person who books the cardholder’s travel.
  • May never use the card for personal expenses. All transactions are subject to audit by the program administrators, Internal Audit, Resource Management or other departments as required.

Reminders / Tips

  • Your social security number is not provided to the issuing bank. For identification purposes, the last four digits of your employee ID is used.
  • Internet purchases require billing address and phone numbers to authenticate a purchase. Remember to use the campus address and phone number as provided on the procurement card application.