Work Restrictions

Once the employee is released to return to work, the workers’ compensation physician may have placed certain restrictions upon the employee’s duties. Until the physician clears the employee’s work restrictions, the department should review the employee’s work restrictions to determine whether there are duties for the injured employee to perform that do not violate the restrictions. The employee should provide the department with a work status form from either BarnesCare or the treating specialist following each visit.

If assistance is needed clarifying work restrictions, please contact the Insurance & Risk Management Office. The office can assist in interpreting the restrictions or arranging a conference with the physician for further clarification.

If the department can accommodate the employee’s work restrictions, the employee should report to work. A supervisor should make sure that the employee understands and follows any restrictions. If your department is unable to accommodate an employee’s restrictions, please notify the Insurance & Risk Management Office immediately.

Ongoing Treatment

Time away from work for treatment is not reimbursed by workers’ compensation. Accrued sick leave must be used for time off to attend doctor or therapist appointments.