Bank deposits are recorded in Workday via the Record Cash Sale task. Exception: EPIC related transactions will automatically be posted; cash sale transactions for the deposits should not be recorded.

To facilitate the matching of Workday Cash Sale transactions to the bank statement, multiple bank deposits should not be combined on a single Cash Sale transaction. Likewise multiple Cash Sale transactions may not be used to record a single deposit.

Credit Card Payments

Credit and debit card payments processed on a point of sale or wireless terminal are recorded to Workday via the Record Cash Sale task. Departments must email their daily credit card batch settlement receipts to Angie Kohr. This receipt and other support, if applicable, must not contain visible cardholder identification information (e.g. account number, expiration date, name). Sending this level of detail is prohibited.

Transactions processed through CASHNet are automatically recorded to Workday via an automated nightly process. Transactions are recorded to general ledger accounts designated by the department as an Ad Hoc Bank Transaction.