Washington University faculty, staff and students routinely travel in support of sponsored activities. The University reimburses travelers for necessary and reasonable business expenses incurred while traveling. Reimbursable expenses must conform to university policy, federal and state law, if applicable, and the restrictions placed upon each sponsored award.

General Guidelines

Travel is allowable as a direct cost when such travel will provide direct benefit to the award. If federally funded, sponsored awards are subject to certain federal laws and the guidelines set forth in the OMB Uniform Guidance, 2 CFR PART 200—UNIFORM ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS, COST PRINCIPLES, AND AUDIT REQUIREMENTS FOR FEDERAL AWARDS. All awards are subject to specific agency restrictions, as well as Washington University’s Travel Policy. The terms and conditions of the individual agreement should be reviewed prior to incurring and/or submitting any travel cost for reimbursement. When there is a conflict between University policy and award requirements the more restrictive policy applies.

Sponsored travel must be justified, well documented, in compliance with the sponsor requirements, and incurred within the period of the award.

Sponsored project travel has a high audit profile and is routinely examined by internal, external and sponsor auditors. Therefore, each transaction must be adequately documented. Sufficient documentation provides clarity so that anyone reviewing the transaction can verify that it is allowable, allocable and reasonable.

If costs are not allowable, allocable, reasonable, consistently treated and sufficiently documented they cannot be charged to a sponsored research project.

Please see the Guidance For Travel on Sponsored Fund for a quick reference to travel items pertaining to sponsored funds.