Step by Step Instructions

  1. Complete the deposit slip, ensuring all checks have been restrictively endorsed with an official university endorsement stamp. All cash must be put into a sealable envelope and the amount must be written on the outside of the envelope. Do not put checks into the cash envelope. Note: Medical School clinical offices should report discrepancies between the deposit slip total and the daily balancing report from the billing system to Physicians Billing Services.
  2. Paperclip the white deposit slip, check(s) and if applicable, the sealed envelope of cash and place them in the one-time use deposit bag. Seal the bag and remove the numbered tear-off receipt from the top of the bag.
  3. Complete the information on the front of the deposit bag. The name field on the bag should always be Washington University. The bag is now ready to be deposited into one of the university depository systems.
  4. If the deposit is not related to an EPIC transaction, record the Cash Sale transaction in Workday and write the Cash Sale transaction number on the yellow and pink copies of the deposit slip. If the deposit is related to an EPIC transactions write “EPIC” on the yellow and pink copies of the deposit slip.
  5. Email the yellow deposit slip to Angie Kohr.
  6. Attach the pink deposit slip to the tear-off receipt from the deposit bag and retain this documentation in the department in accordance with the university’s Record Management Policy.

Got Questions?

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