Deposit Locations

Important: Do not make a deposit at a depository without using a key. Doing so causes issues for the next person making a deposit and requires a service call to fix. If this happens contact Angie Kohr; do not report problems to BJC or outside vendors.  To report a problem with a bank depository click here.

Medical School Campus

The Medical School Campus has a depository located on the 1st floor of the CAM past the Shoenberg elevators.

A full-service Bank of America ATM, which can be used to make deposits, is located in the McDonnell Science Building. Use of any full service ATM to make deposits requires a WashU ATM Deposit Card. See Bank of America ATM Deposits for more information about using a full service Bank of America ATM for depositing cash and checks.

West Campus

The depository is located on the 3rd floor.

North Campus

Deposits should be taken to Angie Kohr located in Suite 1500.

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