Employees with a WashU ATM deposit card may use any full service Bank of America ATM to deposit cash (except coins) and checks less than $1 million. WashU ATM cards are set up with the same unique micr number that is on each department’s deposit slips (twelve digit number on the lower left). Deposit slips, bags and envelopes are not used when deposits are made using an ATM.

To make a deposit with your WashU ATM card, simply swipe your card, enter the pin #, and follow the prompts on the machine. The ATM will print out a receipt when you’re finished. The receipt will serve as your backup. If the deposit is related to an EPIC transactions write “EPIC” on the receipt. If the deposit is not related to an EPIC transaction, write the Workday Cash Sale transaction number on the receipt.

A copy of all receipts must be emailed to Angie Kohr. The subject line of the email should be ATM Deposit and the body of the email should contain the following four lines:

  • MICR number
  • Cash Sale number or the word EPIC
  • Dollar Amount

Please keep a log with the name of the payer & check number(s) if you do not keep copies of checks. If copies are made, please destroy the copies by shredding approximately three weeks after the date of your deposit.


  • Coins and checks of $1 million or more can’t be deposited using an ATM
  • Don’t use envelops or bags when making a deposit at a full-service Bank of America ATM

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