If a third party, such as an outside agency, corporation, State Prepaid Tuition Plan, etc., will be paying all or part of your tuition and fees, and the third party requires a bill or invoice to be mailed directly from the university, a written request must be received from the third party prior to the beginning of classes.

This letter must be printed on company letterhead and include the following:

  • Student’s full name and six digit university ID number
  • The beginning and end date of sponsorship
  • The type of fees covered by the sponsorship (tuition, health insurance, housing, meal plans, etc.)
  • A statement that the sponsor will make the payment payable to Washington University and that the payment will be send directly to the university.
  • Sponsor’s billing address, contact number, and signature of authorized official

The authorization letter can be sent by email to Student.Accounting@wustl.edu or mailed to:
Washington University in St. Louis
Attn: Student Accounting
P.O. Box 14627
St. Louis, MO 63150-4627

Once the sponsor’s letter is received, a credit with the description “Third Party Billing” and the amount the sponsor has indicated will be applied to the student’s account. An invoice for this amount will be sent to the sponsor after the beginning of classes each semester. If the third party does not pay the invoice in a timely manner, the credit will be reversed and the student will be liable for the unpaid charges.  Students will not receive a refund for a credit balance on their account until payment is received by the Third Party.

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