Refund Options

Students have the option to receive refunds via direct deposit or check.

  • Direct DepositThis is the fastest way to receive refunds. Visit WebSTAC to set up your refunds for direct deposit.
    • The university will first attempt to disburse funds to the US checking or savings account on the student’s WebSTAC under Billing & Bear Bucks – Pay/View My Bill – eRefund. If an account is not set up under eRefund Direct Deposit, a paper check will be issued. Once a refund has been processed by the university, it will be placed into the designated bank account within 1 – 3 business days.
    • Students can add or change a refund enable bank account in WebSTAC. This feature can be found on the refund disbursement tab under Billing & Bear Bucks – Pay/View My Bill – eRefund. Note: Additions and changes to enabled bank accounts will become effective within 3 – 5 business days.  
  • Check — Checks are issued in cases where a refund enabled bank account has not been established. An email will be sent to the student informing them that a refund check is available for pick-up at a designated location.
    • Checks that are not picked up by the student within two weeks will be mailed to the student. Undergraduate student checks will be mailed to the WebSTAC home address and graduate student checks will be mailed to the WebSTAC local address.
    • Checks are made payable to the student.  Exception: When a student account has a payment plan contract, the check will be made payable to the contract holder after the contract has been paid in full.

Excess Title IV Funds

Per Title IV federal regulations, the university can only deduct qualifying expenses from student’s federal awards unless prior written consent from the student is received. This means that even if a student has unpaid non-qualifying charges, the university will issue a refund to the student for the excess amount (federal awards less qualifying expenses). Students will be responsible for paying non-qualifying expenses. Students who wish to have non-qualifying expenses deducted from federal awards must complete an Excess Title IV Funds Usage Authorization form.

Qualifying expenses includes tuition, student fees, and room and board cost billed by the university. Non-qualifying expenses include prior balances due, library fines, parking fees, internet charges, etc.

Credit Balances

There is a 7 day refund waiting period for payments made on-line and a 14 day waiting period for payments made by check.

Logins and Billing Statements

Online statements available to students and authorized users

Fees & Holds

How to avoid a late fee or hold on your student account

Payment Options

Acceptable forms of payments for student accounts

Student Refunds

How to receive a refund on a student account

Tax Incentives

IRS tax deductions and credits, 1098T information

Third Party Billings

Instructions for setting up a third party payment

Contact Student Accounting

Contact phone number and email address

Financial Responsibility Agreement

Financial Responsibility Agreement applies to existing and future balances regardless of whether the balance is the result of a prior payment period.