Vacation Accrual

Departments Using Time and Labor (T&L):

Accrued vacation balances from T&L will be automatically loaded into the Accrual page nightly starting the night of June 30th through the night of July 7th. In order to accurately record vacation balances as of June 30th, it is essential that all time reporting and approvals for employees that are paid biweekly be completed within the normal biweekly payroll processing by 2:00 pm June 29th. In addition, time reporting and approvals for employees paid monthly need to be completed and approved by July 7th by 5:00 pm. Further communication will be sent via the PUG list.

Accrual pages will be available for viewing only. No further action is required by the department.  To access the Accrual page sign on to HRMS and select Accruals under the Personal Information menu item. The first screen is the search page. Enter your department number and click the search button.

If your department is using T&L but has employees that are using time clock to track hours, you will need to contact Nicole Wittlich at (314) 935-5949 in order to have the Accrual Page open for editing if changes need to be made. You will be need to edit and verify the accrued vacation days for these employees on the Accrual Page (refer to Departments Not Using T&L). For employees whose vacation balances are reported and loaded directly using T&L, their vacation balances should not be modified.

Departments Not Using T&L:

Departments who do not use T&L will need to enter the employee’s vacation data directly into the Accrual data entry page in HRMS. All vacation accrual data must be finalized by 5:00 PM on July 7th. For accounting purposes, accrued vacation days for eligible employees that are not finalized by this time, will automatically default to the maximum allowed 22 days and the maximum expense will be charged to the department.

Days should be entered to the nearest tenth of a day; valid values are between 0 and 22.0. Accrued vacation days entered should be the number of accrued vacation days that an employee would be paid out, if terminated, as of June 30th.

Note: A “Restore to Defaults” button is available at the top of the page. Clicking on this button will reset to the default values of 22 days for vacation. Do not use the “Back” button from the browser, as you will lose your work.  You must use the “Save” button.

Criteria for Vacation Eligibility

If an employee meets the following criteria, they are vacation eligible as of June 30th and therefore, their vacation balance should be accrued. For additional information, the University’s Time-Off Policies can be found on the Human Resources website at

  • Role = Staff
  • Hire/Rehire of an employee prior to January 1, 2020
  • Regular Employees with total number of standard hours (for all jobs meeting criteria) equal to or greater than 20 hours
  • Employee Status = Active, Unpaid Leave, Paid Leave, Suspended, or on Work Break
  • The total FTE for all staff jobs meeting the above criteria is > .49.


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