Payroll Processing

Payroll Cost Transfers (PCT’s)

All payroll cost transfers for periods ending up to June 30th are due in the Payroll Office by 5:00 p.m. on July 2nd. Please be sure all accounts used in the Payroll Cost Transfer transaction and their corresponding account profiles are open in the current fiscal year. For example, PCT’s dated June 30th or prior must have an account profile effective date in the old year, rather than a new year date.

Payroll Accrual

The biweekly payroll for standard hour employees for P/E July 11th will be charged as follows, June 28th through June 30th to FY20, July 1st through July 11th to FY21.

New Year Sources

Payroll source changes are only required if they have a source end date of June 30th. Changes should be entered by June 10th to allow time for approvals. Note: Changes to payroll sources are not required if the sources are based on a percentage, do not have an end date, or if there is no change to the source account. Sources in place as of June 30th will remain in effect for the new year.


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