On an annual basis, Principal Investigators (PIs) are required to authorize, in writing, the monthly salaries and effort percentages to be charged to all sponsored projects (grant, contracts and cooperative agreements) for which they are responsible. If salaries, individuals or effort percentages subsequently change during the fiscal year, written authorization is again required from the PIs.

This policy will ensure that all PIs have direct knowledge of, and approve, the planned/actual monthly salaries and effort percentages of the individuals working on their projects. This knowledge and approval helps ensure that sponsored project expenditures are related to their intended purpose.


Business managers and/or departmental administrators should provide PIs with a report that contains the information needed to verify the monthly salaries and effort percentages assigned to their sponsored projects. This report should contain the following data elements for each individual: employee name, employee social security number, position name, percent of monthly salary /effort charged to each project, monthly dollar amount charged to each project, agency name, fund number, fund end date, and the effective period of the report. This data should be provided to the PIs in a timely manner.

Administrative Information Services (AIS) has designed a WebFOCUS report that can be utilized for salary authorization purposes. The report is located under the Personnel/Payroll Report Menu in WebFOCUS and it is entitled “PARS-Reportable Payroll Authorizations by P.I.”. Please see below for a detailed description of this report. If PIs and/or department administrators choose not to use this WebFOCUS report, they may create an internal school or department-specific report that contains the above noted data elements.

PIs are required to review data contained on the salary authorization report, denote any necessary adjustments, and approve the report via their signature. PIs should perform these functions at the start of each budget period or at the beginning of each fiscal year (7/1/XX). The reports should also be provided to the PIs on a periodic basis, so that they can properly monitor and/approve changes in effort percentages and salary. Business managers and/or departmental administrators should retain the signed/approved reports for future review by internal and/or external auditors.

PARS-Resportable Payroll Authorizations by Principal Investigator

Description of PARS Reportable Payroll Authorizations report