Generally, all payroll payments, including one-time payments, bonuses, and adjustments, must be entered in Workday to be paid with regular bi-weekly or monthly payroll, aka “on-cycle payroll.” See here for payroll deadlines and payroll processing calendars.

There are multiple edit reports and tools available to validate payroll data.  To ensure accuracy and timeliness of payroll payments, always run edit reports prior to payroll deadlines. The most commonly used of those reports include:

  • RPT5961               Pre-Payroll Results
  • RPT5986               Workers with no Time Entered
  • RPT5987               Workers with Time Entered but not Submitted
  • RPT5988               Workers with Time Submitted but not Approved
  • RPT6357               Unapproved Time Off Requests
  • RPT1115               VISAs (for MON & BWK)
  • RPT6360               Unmatched Time Clock Events

We recognize, however, that under special circumstances, off-cycle payments may be necessary.  On Demand checks are off-cycle payroll payments that cannot be delayed until the next regular pay date due to contractual obligations or potential hardship to employees.  In Workday, On Demand payments require running the entire payroll process which involves manual intervention and the use of system resources. 

If an On Demand check is needed, complete the On Demand check request, using the Create On Demand Payroll Check function in Workday.  All one-time payments and period activity pay must be entered and approved prior to submitting an On Demand check request.  For a biweekly employee request for missed hours, the hours must be recorded and approved.

Effective May 1, 2023, requests submitted by 12:00 p.m. on business days will be deposited to active bank accounts within two business days. If an employee does not have an active bank account, a check will be mailed to the employee’s home address as provided in Workday within two business days.

For faster payment, please encourage employees to sign up for direct deposit and update banking information as needed.