Monthly/Quarterly Closing Schedule

Working Day
Day 3 11 am All LC22 & 45 journals must be entered and fully approved.  (Affects Cost Sharing/Overhead & Unitgen)
4 pm Cutoff for all other Danforth Campus and Medical School journals, entered and fully approved
Day 4 12 pm Submission of Gift & Endowment Cost Sharing and Overhead and the TIP Investment module
12 pm Submission of Income Allocation module
3 pm Submission of Medical School Overhead modules
4 pm Accounting Systems to Close month (except quarterly)
Day 5 (Quarterly) 3 pm Accounting Systems to Close month (quarterly)

Should there be any problems meeting the scheduled cutoff times above, please contact Kathy Anderson in Accounting Systems at 935-5074. On-line reporting will be available on Day 5 for Monthly Closings, and on Day 6 for Quarterly Closings.

Journals entered on Days 1-3 after month-end, require a “check mark” in the Prior Month box. If a journal is entered before the last business day of the month, but is not fully approved by that last business day, then the journal preparer must place a “check mark” in the Prior Month box (and have the journal fully approved) by the Day 3 cutoff times above to be included in the previous month’s transactions.  June journals are the only journals that do not require the prior month box to be used.

General Accounting’s approval times for all types of documents are 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 4:00 pm with the exception of Purchase Orders, Change Orders, and free balance Invoices, to be done at 3:30 pm instead of 4:00 pm. This schedule remains the same during month-end close.  Please ensure that all departmental approvals are completed in time to meet these scheduled approval times.  Approval contacts and phone numbers can be located within the approval area of the document.


Contact Kathy Anderson
(314) 935-5074

Email Kathy