Special Handling Options

Checks should be mailed directly to the payee by the Accounts Payable department.  In certain situations special handling of checks may be appropriate. The check request document has special check handling options available to accommodate these needs.

The “check handling” section on the check request document should be used to request special handling of a check. Below are the options available and procedures for using each option.

Documentation With

The Accounts Payable department will mail supporting documentation along with the check when the document-with check handling option is used.

Supporting documentation should be sent directly to Campus Box 1056, Attn: AP-Doc-With Processing when:

  • The document is auto-approved by the Accounts Payable department and does not require SPA’s approval or
  • Supporting documentation was attached to the check request by the department

Hold North Campus

In rare situations, departments may request that a check be held for pick up at the North Campus receptionist desk located at 700 Rosedale Avenue. Checks may not be picked up by the person who entered or approved the check request document. The person picking up the check will be required to show a photo ID. Checks will be available for pick up at the receptionist desk between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. the day after the check request document is in complete status. Checks will be held for 7 days.  After 7 days, the check will be mailed to the vendor.

Overnight Mail

When overnight delivery of a check is required, departments can request that this be handled by the Accounts Payable department. Checks will only be sent to the street address printed on the check and departments must provide the Federal Express account number to be charged. To request a check to be sent via overnight delivery, use the Send Check To option. In the name field enter “Federal Express – (your account number) and in the box field enter 1056.

Send Check To

In certain circumstances, departments may need to administer the special handling of a check. In these situations, the check handling fields should be completed with the name of the person that the check should be mailed to and their campus box number. To ensure segregation of duties, the check may not be returned to the person who entered or approved the check request.

Examples where special handling may be appropriate include gifts and awards, professional licenses, student reimbursements, visa applications, human subject payments where attendance is required, and events where payment is due at the time the service is rendered. Documents that do not meet these specifications may be disapproved by the Accounts Payable department.

In situations when student reimbursement checks are sent back to the department to administer, the following additional rules should be followed:

  • A log must be maintained in the department which includes the signature of the person receiving the check and the date the check is picked-up. The student picking up the check must show a photo ID.
  • The person entering or approving the check request document cannot distribute the checks or maintain the check log.
  • The log must be on file in the department and available for audit.