Image Upload Functionality

The check request documents image upload functionality eliminates the need to manually route supporting documentation to AP/SPA for approvals and provides departments with an effective way to comply with record retention guidelines.


  • Access to view uploaded documents is based on AIS security rules. Individuals who can enter and/or approve check requests documents will be able to view the documents. Sensitive documents can be marked as such, allowing departments to activate or deactivate individuals ability to view supporting documentation considered sensitive. Documents marked as sensitive will still be viewable by central area document approvers.
  • There are two components to the image upload function:
    • Documentation required by Accounts Payable and Sponsored Projects Accounting
    • Additional supporting documentation that departments can upload and retain for check requests (internal documentation or when the check request does not need to be approved by Accounts Payable or Sponsored Projects Accounting)


  • Supporting documentation scanned and attached to the check request by the department must have the initials of the person that scanned the document and date or unique FIS document number written on the upper right hand corner of each receipt(s)/document(s) unless the original supporting documentation was received electronically from the vendor.
  • Departments must retain the original supporting documentation until the document is in complete status in case the image cannot be easily read by document approvers. Additionally in some cases, original supporting documentation may be required. For example, all original tax related documents must be sent to the Tax department at Campus Box 1034.
  • Sensitive information (SSN, credit card information – retain the last four digits, etc.) should be blacked out before the document is scanned.
  • Documents that contain Protected Health Information (PHI) about patients/subjects/employee should never be uploaded. This includes personal information related to research subjects.
  • Do not use a highlighter on the scanned documentation.
  • Documents must be uploaded as a PDF document. Document names are limited to 30 characters and cannot include special characters.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Images can not be uploaded until the Save As button has been selected. From the Image Upload tab, select either AP/SPA and/or Department from the Access Drop‐down in the Upload Image box.  AP/SPA images are those images that are required by AP/SPA to be able to approve the check request, and department images are those saved for departmental use.  Do not put department images into AP/SPA, Accounts Payable and Sponsored Projects Accounting only want to see the images needed for approval.
  2. Select either No or Yes from the Sensitive Drop‐down box. The default is No.
  3. Enter a description of the image that will be uploaded. This field is optional.
  4. Select the Upload button to see the File Attachment screen.
  5. Select the Browse button to search and select the image to be upload. After selecting the PDF document click the Upload button. Note: Uploaded images will appear in the image grid and can be deleted by clicking on the trash can symbol on the right on the grid.
  6. After all images have been uploaded return to the check request tab and complete the document. If the document is already completed you may save the document by clicking on the save button located at the bottom of the image upload page.
  7. Once the Save button has been selected, the Summary & Approval tab appears. Select either Press Return to Continue or the Send‐To/Approval button.

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