How to Enter a Check Request

For general guidelines on entering a check request see below.  Additional guidelines can be found in the CR Help section on the Check Request Search page in AISystem.

Check Request Document Header Section

  • Rush: Rush check requests should be limited to true emergencies and be infrequent in nature.  Employee reimbursements are not considered a rush.  Faxed or emailed supporting documents sent by departments will only be accepted for a rush check request; however, exception approval is required.  Rush check request supporting documentation should be faxed to (314) 935-7250, emailed or scanned and attached by the department.  No other faxes should be sent to this number.

Check Request Document Information Section

  • Reimbursement?: Enter “Y” if the check request is a reimbursement of out of pocket expenses. Supporting documentation is always required for reimbursements.
  • Dept: Automatically populated
  • Forward Supporting documentation to AP: Select ‘Yes’ when forwarding supporting documentation to AP either via mail or uploading images.
  • CR Images Attached for AP/SPA: Select ‘Yes’ when uploading images as AP / SPA documentation.  To learn more about the Check Request Image Upload Functionality click here.
  • HIPAA: HIPAA questions are displayed while saving check request’s involving HIPAA budgets.  HIPAA answers are displayed in the check request document.
  • Check Handling: Checks should be mailed directly to the payee by the Accounts Payable department. In certain situations, special handling of checks may be appropriate.  To learn about special handling options click here.
  • Vendor Information: Vendor Name, Address Line 1, City, State, Zip and SSN/FID, Empl ID, or Student ID is required OR Vendor ID & Addr #. For a copy of the W-9 form click here.
  • Check Request Amount: Enter the amount of the check request.
  • Invoice Detail Section: Always enter the invoice number, invoice date and invoice amount provided by the vendor.  In most cases, this step eliminates the need to send documents with the check because the invoice number(s) automatically print on the check stub.  In addition, this step helps mitigate the risk of duplicate invoice payment.  Use the Invoice Help hyperlink located on the check request document for the guidelines if an invoice number or invoice date is NOT available on the supporting documentation.  As a best practice the number of invoices to be included on a check request should be limited to 30.  These fields are required on non-reimbursement check requests.
  • Payment Explanation (Printed on the Check): Enter information you think will be helpful to the vendor to post the payment.
  • Remarks (Not Printed on the Check): The university business purpose should be clearly stated in the remarks field.  Please also indicate whether original payment was made via cash, check, or credit card. As a best practice the (who, what, where and why) should be included in the remarks field.  In addition, the following documentation is required for social / entertainment expenses.  This information should be included in the remarks field or the Social & Entertainment Expenses form should be utilized.
    • Date and place of event
    • Specific purpose of the event or reason for expenditure.  Failure to document a valid business purpose could result in amounts paid being reported as income to the individuals attending the event.
    • Names and titles of people in attendance and their relationship to the university.  For individuals from outside the university, this documentation should include occupation or other information relating to the person or persons entertained (e.g. donor), including name, title, or other designation, sufficient to establish a business relationship to the university.  For large parties or receptions (12 or more attendees), the number of people in attendance and the makeup of the group is acceptable.

Account Information Section

  • Account Information: Enter the account information of the check request.

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