Check Request Document

The check request document (CR) is used to pay vendors for goods and services that cannot be procured with a purchase order. Examples include consultants, honorariums, subscriptions, membership dues, registrations, etc.


  • A check request should not be used to reimburse travel related expense. Travel related expense reimbursement should be processed via the travel report (TR) document.
  • A check request should not be used when purchasing capital assets such as moveable equipment greater than $5,000. Purchases of capital assets require the use of an asset purchase order.
  • Purchases should be shipped to Washington University addresses.
  • Payment for services should only be for individuals who are not a Washington University employee and are not under condition of an employer/employee relationship. For information about employee vs. independent contractor click here. 
  • By approving a document, the approver is indicating that the expenses are in compliance with all applicable university policies.
  • Documents in overdraft status will not be approved until a budget adjustment (BA) is done to correct the overdraft.

Other Applicable Guidelines

Payments for certain expenses may have additional documentation requirements or reporting guidelines.  If you are making any such payments, please visit the related pages below for additional information.

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How to Enter a Check Request

General guidelines on entering a check request document

Image Upload Functionality

Eliminate the need to manually route supporting documentation

Special Handling Options

Options available for handling check delivery

Supporting Documentation Requirements

Supporting documentation or evidence from the vendor to support reimbursable expenses