Check Status Inquiry

Departments have the ability to see if and when an Accounts Payable check has cleared the bank.

Check status information is available on the following document types: check request (CR), travel advances (TA), travel reports (TR), invoices (IN), and credit memos (CM). Although check status is updated nightly, there is a two-day delay between the date the check was cashed and the date the information will be displayed. For example, on 7/12 you will see checks that have a clear date of 7/10.

Anyone who has access to AP Vendor Document in FIS will be able to see the document check status. You can find the status of a check by using AP Doc Status Inquiry tab under the AP Vendor Document option.

Check Status Definitions

  • Not cleared → means the check has not yet cleared the bank. To learn how to cancel / reissue a check click here.
  • Cleared with date → means the check was presented to and cleared the university’s bank.  To learn how to request a copy of a check click here.
  • Not applicable for ACH payments → means that payment was made via ACH.
  • Data not available → means check status information is not available for checks issued prior to FY14.


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