Check Cancel / Reissue

Departments can request that a check that has not yet cleared the bank be canceled or canceled & reissued.

It is highly recommended that you wait at least 10 business days before requesting that a check be canceled unless the check was issued in error or was sent to the wrong address.

To request that a check be canceled or canceled and reissued, send an email to In the subject line, state the check number to be canceled and if a replacement check should be reissued or not. For example, cancel check #12345 and do not reissue or cancel check #12345 and reissue a new check.

In the body of the text include:

  • The reason the check is being canceled.
  • If the check should be reissued, what steps have been taken to ensure proper delivery of the new check.  For example, the vendor address was confirmed or that Accounts Payable has updated the address in FIS.  Important – if the address needs to be updated, do not request the cancel/reissue until after the address has been updated in FIS.
  • A screen shot of the document showing that it has not yet cleared the bank.  See Check Status Inquiry for additional information.
  • If the department has the physical check in hand, the word void should be written on the check and a copy of the defaced check should be attached to the email. The original check can be shredded.  Proof that the check has been defaced, saves the university money!