Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation should provide evidence of origination from the vendor that contains purchasing details including date, price and proof of payment. Expenses will not be reimbursed based on estimates.

An electronic copy or legible picture of the original receipt which is printed is acceptable supporting documentation.  Monthly credit card statements and canceled checks alone will not be accepted as supporting documentation.

  • Supporting documentation is encouraged for all expenses, regardless of amount; however, it is only required for individual expenses of $50 or more. Exception approval is required if the total of unsubstantiated expenses is $75 or greater per day or if an individual transaction of $50 or more is not substantiated with a receipt.
    • Special Rule for Sponsored Projects:  Some sponsors require actual receipts for all transactions to be submitted with a request for reimbursement to the university.  In these cases, it is necessary to obtain and attach all receipts regardless of dollar amount to the travel report.
  • Receipts for meal and incidental expenses reimbursed under the per diem method are not required.
  • Supporting documentation must be taped (not stapled) to an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, single sided only. The TR document number from AIS must be written on the upper right hand corner of each sheet.

Payments to Foreign Persons

There are special documentation requirements when making payments to foreign individuals or foreign entities. Both immigration and tax rules must be followed when making payments to foreign vendors.  For information on paying foreign persons, please click here.

Foreign Receipts

Special requirements

Social / Entertainment Expense

Special requirements