Non-University Persons

The university’s travel policy applies to employees as well as non-university persons including students, guest lecturers, researchers, consultants, and prospective faculty and staff who are reimbursed by the university for university approved business travel.  No commitment for reimbursing such expenses should be made before ascertaining that the university’s travel policies authorize such activities. For information on recruitment / relocation activities, please click here.

To ensure compliance, the department is responsible for informing guests of the university’s travel policy, prior to their visit.  To request reimbursement, the department arranging the travel is responsible for having all forms properly completed and processed with original receipts.

Spouse/Domestic Partner Travel

Incremental travel expenses of a spouse/domestic partner or other person accompanying an employee will not be reimbursed unless both conditions listed below are met.

  1. There is a legitimate business purpose for their attendance. Documentation such as an invitation requesting them to attend or an explanation outlining the bona fide business purpose must be provided with the travel expense statement.  When there is no legitimate business purpose for a spouse/domestic partner or other person accompanying an employee, the incremental costs for that person should not be paid for or reimbursed by the university.  Incremental costs associated with a spouse/domestic partner or other person to accompany an employee on research collaborations, conferences, or similar activity should not be paid for or reimbursed by the university.
  2. Prior written approval is obtained from the appropriate Dean, Vice Chancellor, or Executive Vice Chancellor and attached to the travel expense statement. An appropriate Medical School department chair may also approve such travel.  The Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration or the CFO can approve a request for spouse/domestic partner travel from the Chancellor.

Reimbursable incremental costs should be clearly noted on all supporting documentation and charged to Other Travel, subclass object 36-87. For tax implications regarding the use of Other Travel, subclass object 36-87 click here.

Payments to Foreign Persons

There are special documentation requirements when making payments to foreign individuals or foreign entities. Both immigration and tax rules must be followed when making payments to foreign vendors.  For information on paying foreign persons, please click here.