Reimbursement Process

Travel expense statements must be completed in a timely manner (generally no longer than 15 days) after the completion of the trip.

Travel expense statements submitted more than 60 days after the completion of the trip require exception approval.  See Exception Approval Requirements for additional information.


  • All trip expenses must be recorded on the travel expense statement including prepaid expenses and procurement card expenses.
  • Employees must use the travel expense statement provided by Financial Services.  The form can be printed and completed manually or it can be completed in Microsoft Excel.  See below for available forms.
  • Employees must sign the travel expense statement, which certifies that costs they incurred for the trip comply with all aspects of the travel policy and/or any sponsoring agency requirements, if applicable. Signature stamps are not acceptable. Electronic signatures that can be authenticated are acceptable. See Electronic Signatures for details.
  • Travel expense statements must include a description of the business purpose for the travel.
  • After the travel expense statement has been approved, it should be used by the department to create the on-line travel report (TR) document in AIS. After all on-line department level approvals have been satisfied, the original travel expense statement and supporting documentation must be sent to Accounts Payable, Box 1056.
  • As a best practice, the supplemental procurement card expenses form should be used to detail procurement card activity.  If the supplemental form is not completed, all procurement card expenses should be clearly marked on the travel expense statement.  If a trip is paid for entirely by procurement card, a travel expense statement must be completed and approved.  It is not necessary to enter this travel report in AIS; however, the statement and documentation must be retained in the department. Travel advances, check requests, procurement card expenses, and other reimbursed amounts should be deducted from the total expense using lines 18-22.   The original procurement card receipts should be kept in the department or school procurement card files.
  • Supporting documentation is required for individual expenses of $50 or more.
  • Exception approval will be required if missing receipts are $75 or greater per day.
  • If per diem is claimed, the traveler must print out the location and per diem rate(s) from the government’s website as documentation.  See using per diems for additional information.
  • Supporting documentation must be taped (not stapled) to an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper, single side only. The TR document number from AIS must be written on the upper right hand corner of each sheet, as well as on the travel expense statement. Documents will be returned to the individual who entered the on-line TR document if supporting documentation is not properly prepared.
  • Copies of the travel expense statement and supporting documentation should be kept for department records.
  • Employees should never approve their own on-line travel report or travel advance documents.