Reimbursable Expenses

Approved business travel related costs that are necessary, reasonable, and based on actual expenses or approved per diam rates will be reimbursed.


Airfare is to be purchased at the lowest available commercial coach / economy fare available that meets the […]

Ground Transportation

Reasonable business related ground transportation cost will be reimbursed. Ground transportation includes taxi cabs, Uber, subways, tolls and […]

Incidental Expenses

Laundry Laundry services and valet services which can not be deferred until completion of the trip may be […]


Employees should seek out moderately priced accommodations to minimize the cost to the university. Many hotels offer educational […]


Reimbursement for meals is based on the actual meal expense method or per diem expense method. Estimates will […]

Registration Fees

Costs associated with required registration fees for business related conferences, seminars, training courses, and classes related to employee […]

Use of Personal Automobile

Travel Mileage Business travel expenses include transportation expenses incurred traveling between your home and your business destination. Automobile […]

Vehicle Rentals

Employees should seek out moderately priced automobiles to minimize the cost to the university. Rental car upgrades are […]