Employees should seek out moderately priced accommodations to minimize the cost to the university. Many hotels offer educational discounts or reduced rates to university employees.

Itemized receipts for all lodging expenses must be attached to the expense report. Use the Lodging Expense Item for the cost of the room including taxes. Room taxes are not sales tax, thus do not need to be separately identified (itemized) on expense reports, however, if sales tax is specifically called out, they should be split out accordingly. Other expenses included on the receipt should not be included on the Lodging Expense Item line. Examples of other expenses include room service, internet fees, and other expense charge to the room.

Reimbursement will be made to the employee at the single occupancy rate. Additional accommodation costs over and above a single occupancy rate will generally not be reimbursed. In addition, costs associated with upgrades in accommodations will generally not be reimbursed unless standard accommodations are not If incurred due to availability issues, upgrades should be separately identified and reported using the Lodging Upgrades.