Personal Laundry

Laundry services and valet services which cannot be deferred until completion of the trip may be claimed as a reimbursable expense. Valet/laundry charges during trips less than five days are not normally reimbursable. Requests for reimbursement must be substantiated by receipts or other documentation regardless of amount. Note: If the traveler is using the per diem reimbursement method for foreign travel, laundry and valet services are not separately reimbursable as foreign per diem amount takes these costs into consideration.


Telephone cost business calls, faxes, and internet access fees incurred when traveling, are reimbursable. Personal phone calls, within reason, are reimbursable but may not be charged to a sponsored fund.


Tips associated with baggage handling, storage and other services are reimbursable except when the per diem method for meals and incidentals is used.

Fees Associated with International Travel 

Fees associated with International Travel (i.e. visas, passports, inoculations, currency conversion fees etc.) for the employee are allowable when they are a specific and necessary condition of fulfilling a work assignment involving a foreign country on behalf of the u

  • Special rule for Sponsored Projects – Fees for passports cannot be charged to a sponsored fund. If purchased, they must be charged to a departmental account.