Depository Instructions

Do not make a deposit without using a key. This may cause those using the depository after you to get their keys and/or bags stuck in the depository which results in required service calls.

Step By Step Instructions

The display screen on the depository will guide you through the process. To cancel and start over at any time, press the star (*) key.

  1. ACCESS NO? THEN PRESS # KEY — Enter access number code 92748 and press #.
  2. DEPARTMENT NUMBER? + #  — Enter your 4 digit MICR Number located on the bottom left side of the deposit slip and press #.
  3. Email ID# — Enter the six digit email ID assigned to you. Email ID numbers are the last four digits of your department number followed by two unique digits that are tied to your personal email address. An email receipt will automatically be sent to your personal email and to the Bank Liaison. If you do not have an email ID, you can skip this step. However, before making your next deposit, contact the Bank Liaison to obtain one.
  4. BAG NUMBER? + # — Enter the last 7 digits of the deposit bag number & press #.
  5. $ AMOUNT ? + # — Enter the exact amount of the deposit in dollars and cents and press #. Do not enter decimal points. They will be entered automatically. Note: Medical School departments must enter cash and checks separately.
  6. DEPOSIT BAG OR PRESS * (star key) TO CANCEL — Use the depository key to open the drop chute. Place the bag into the chute, close the door, and remove the key. A receipt will be emailed at this time.