ATM Deposits

ATM Deposits

Your ATM Deposit card will automatically activate the first time you use it to make a deposit. Deposits can be made at any Bank of America ATM machine that accepts deposits.

The ATM machines accept cash and checks. You will not use an envelope or bag for ATM deposits. Swipe your card, enter the pin#, and follow the prompts on the machine to make your deposit. The machine will print out a receipt when you’re finished. Scan/email a copy of the ATM receipt to Angie Kohr with the RV number written on it or follow the instructions below. Backup must be received in order to complete RVs.

Please keep a log with the name of the payer & check number(s) if you do not keep copies of checks. If copies are made, please destroy the copies by shredding approximately three weeks after the date of your deposit. You may also enter this information on your RV under the “check detail” section of the receipt voucher.

ATM cards are set up with the same micr number that is on each department’s deposit slips. Deposit slips will not be used for ATM deposits, but the micr number assigned is specific to each location. The micr number is the six digit number on the lower left of your deposit slips next to the routing and account number.

Email Angie Kohr the ATM receipt with RV number written on it. If you do not get a receipt, email the date of deposit, RV number, Amount, and the six digit micr number for your deposits. Below is an example of the preferred format. The email serves as “backup” for ATM deposits.

Subject Line of Email: ATM Deposit



RV 1519924


As of now, an individual check for a million dollars or more cannot be deposited at an ATM. BoA is working on a solution for removing this limit. The ATM deposit cards can be used for checks and cash. Coin will continue to be deposited in a depository.