Depositing Cash and Checks

Department responsibilities include depositing funds timely, preparing a deposit slip and deposit bag, and completing a receipt voucher document in FIS. Departments who regularly receive cash and checks are provided with deposit slips that are unique to their department and one-time use deposit bags.

Business units that receive large volumes of checks should consult with Kim Duncan about remote check deposit systems, an electronic check deposit mechanism.

Bank deposits are recorded to FIS via the receipt voucher (RV) document. RV documents will not receive central area approval until the RV is matched to the bank transaction. To facilitate the central area matching process multiple bank deposits should not be combined on a single RV document. Likewise multiple RV documents may not be used to record a single deposit.

To report a problem with a bank depository click here.

ATM Deposits

ATM Deposits

Deposit Locations

Deposit locations

Foreign Checks

Special handling requirements

Preparing a Deposit Slip & Bag

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