COVID-19 Information

ANNOUNCEMENT: COVID-19 and Transaction Processing



To reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the Financial Services Team will be working remotely effective immediately.  All normal business operations will continue with certain modifications to accommodate both departmental and central staff working from home.  Please see information  below for processes impacted by remote operations.

Check Requests – there is no change to the check request process.  Supporting documentation must be attached to ensure timely approvals.

Invoices – the majority of invoices are sent directly to AP for processing.  In the rare occasion a department receives an invoice it can be sent to  Each invoice must be a separate pdf attachment.  The PO# should be included on the invoice and in the subject line or body of the email.

Travel Reports – Unfortunately, it is not possible to attach documentation to the online TR document in AIS.  Completed TR forms, including supporting documentation and approvals, must be sent via email with the TR# in the subject line. Support for only one TR may be included in each email, and all associated documentation should be provided when possible in one email.  Documents should be in pdf format.  Email to:

Travel reports should not be mailed to the travel desk at this time.   Due to lack of physical presence of staff, processing times of paper travel reports sent via campus mail cannot be assured.

Approvals – any of the following will be accepted:

  • scanned ink signatures
  • scanned or electronic signatures w/audit log
  • an email from approvers stating, “This email serves as my signature/approval for the attached XX Form.” Supporting documentation must be attached to all email approvals.

Note:  OSRS/SPA will accept email with documentation forwarded by the DA, or from the PI directly.

Special Handling of Checks – options will be reduced to ‘Documentation With’.  On rare occasion ‘Send Check To’ can be used if the department will be staffed to complete the distribution process. Pick up at North Campus and Overnight Mailing are not available.

Stop Pays, Cancels, Reissues – No change in the current process.

Student Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement – Agreement can be signed electronically by downloading and saving the document. Agreement can be found here.  Agreement with Form W9-S can be found here.

Wires – Send completed wire forms, supporting documentation and approval via one email with the Payee in the subject line.  Documents should be in pdf format.  Approvals will be accepted as noted above.  Email to:

Wires should not be sent via inter office mail at this time.  Due to lack of physical presence of staff, processing times of paper wire forms sent via campus mail cannot be assured.

Deposits – Bank of America closed the branch on Danforth Campus earlier this week.  The depository is locked.

Procurement Card – We encourage use of the procard.  With limited staff onsite items can be shipped home; however email with appropriate approval needs to be retained with supporting documentation.  Additional card program information can be found here.

Guidelines for Business Expenses Associated with Remote Work – Guidelines can be found here.

Financial Services website can be found here .  Suggest questions and correspondence via email to your Financial Service contacts.  Staff access to phone and voice mail will be extremely limited.